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We are an independent fundamental Baptist church in the heart of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Please take some time and look around on our website.  We have tried to make this site as simple and friendly as possible.


For regular updates on current events and how they relate to Bible prophecy, check out Pastor Bloem's  "Prophecy Watch" commentary. Sermons on prophecy are also available in our Audio Archive section. 


If you want to hear the latest sermons from our pulpit, click on the "Audio Sermons" tab.  Sermons are available for you to listen to in MP3 format. We believe that our pastor's message from God's Holy Word is urgently needed at this time in history!


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Saturday, November 10th at 7:00 PM


I Have Much People in This City

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God Is Concerned With Saving Much People Alive


In the Midst of Much People, Jesus Sees One


By Evangelist Lou DiFillipantonio



























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