Audio Sermons


2/18/18 PM  Team Work For Your Winning Team Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


2/18/18 AM  Team Work For Your Winning Team  Part 1 - Pastor Bloem


2/14/18 Wed  Encouragement From God's Chosen Leadership - Pastor Bloem


2/11/18 PM  From Punishment to Praise to Power Displayed - Pastor Bloem 


2/11/18 AM  You Will Manifest What You Meditate On - Pastor Bloem


2/7/18 Wed  Leap into God's Soul-Saving Stream - Pastor Bloem


2/4/18 PM  The Time Has Come For Judgment to Begin - Pastor Bloem


2/4/18 AM  The Set Time - Pastor Bloem


1/31/18 Wed  The Prophetic Preaching of the Word of God Penetrates the Political Realm - Pastor Bloem 


1/28/18 PM  Many Mighty Works There - Not! -  Pastor Bloem 


1/28/18  AM  Christ is the Passover Lamb Sacrificed For You to Escape the Death Penalty - Pastor Bloem 


1/24/18 Wed  Seek Revival By Pointed Prayer- Pastor Bloem


1/21/18 PM  Your Challenge to Measure Up to God's Mighty Minority for Victory - Pastor Bloem


1/21/18 AM  God's Simple Plan of Salvation Goes Against Your Natural Pride - Pastor Bloem


1/17/18 Wed  Method: Seeking Revival - Perservering Prayer  


1/14/18 PM  Conquer With God's Team, Don't Get Cut From It - Pastor Bloem 


1/14/18 AM  Seeking Revival - The Method - Pastor Bloem


1/10/18 Wed  How to Seek God's Presense Part 5 (Seeking Revival By Prayer)


1/7/18 PM  How to Fill God's House - Pastor Bloem


1/7/18 AM  You Have Been Given Heaven's Best - Pastor Bloem


1/3/18 Wed  Building Lives on Solid Foundations - Pastor Bloem


12/31/17 AM  Words of Comfort for the New Year - Pastor Bloem


12/27/17 Wed  How to Seek God's Presense Part 4A

                         How to Seek God's Presense Part 4B


12/24/17 PM  How to Seek God's Presense Part 3 - Pastor Bloem


12/24/17 AM  God's Christ Wins Over Satan's Anti Christs - Pastor Bloem


12/20/17 Wed  How Do You Seek God's Presense Part 2- Pastor Randy Bloem


12/17/17 PM  Launch Out And Let Down - Pastor Randy Bloem


12/17/17 AM  How Do You Seek God's Presense? - Pastor Randy Bloem


12/10/17 PM  Re-Dig the Old Wells - Pastor Randy Bloem


12/10/2017 AM  You'll Not Overthrow God's Flow - Pastor Randy Bloem 


12/6/17 Wed  How You Can Prevail Over Your City - Pastor Randy Bloem


12/3/17 PM  The Lord is My Shepherd - Pastor Randy Bloem


12/3/17 AM  Getting in the Pastoral Saddle After My Sabbatical - Pastor Randy Bloem


 11/29/17 Wed  The Holy Spirit - Bro Joe Slebodnik


11/26/17 PM  See That You Abound - Bro Lou Difilippantonio


11/26/17 AM  Be Found Faithful - Bro Lou Difilippantonio


11/25/17 Saturday Night - Ye Are My Witnesses - Bro Lou Difillipantonio


11/22/17 Wed  In Everything Give Thanks - Bro Steve Gary


11/19/17 PM  Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled - Bro Bob Bejeski


11/19/17 AM  Home Sweet Home - Bro Joe Slebodnik


11/15/17 Wed  Spiritual Warfare - Bro Steve Gary


11/12/17 PM  How to Handle Your Bi-Week - Bro Bob Bejeski


11/12/17 AM  Rest and Retirement - Bro Joe Slebodnik


11/8/17 Wed Triumph to Tragedy Samson Part 2 - Bro Steve Gary


11/5/17 PM  When Sorrow Fills Your Heart, Consider the Things to Come - Bro Bob Bejeski 


11/5/17 AM  Clouds - Bro Joe Slebodnik


11/1/17 Wed  Triumph to Tragedy - The Life of Samson - Bro Steve Gary


10/29/17 PM  Nails - Bro Kent Hovind


10/29/17 AM  The Bronze Shields of Christianity - Bro Bob Bejeski


 10/25/17 Wed  Compromise - Bro Joe Slebodnik


 10/22/17 PM  Creation Questions & Answers Part 4 - Bro Kent Hovind


10/22/17 AM  Truth or Consequences - Bro Joe Slebodnik


10/18/17 Wed  Psalm 1 - Bro Steve Gary


10/15/17 PM Creation Questions & Answers Part 3


10/15/17 AM  Security - Bro Joe Slebodnik


10/11/17 Wed  Make the Most of Your Wilderness - Bro Bob Bejeski


10/8/17 PM  Creation Questions & Answers  Part 2


10/8/17 AM  Humility - Bro Joe Slebodnik


10/4/17 Wed  God's Nutritian - Bro Joe Slebodnik


10/1/17 PM  Creation Question & Answers - Bro Kent Hovind 


10/1/17 AM  Don't Forget God's Promises - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/27/17 Wed  Heroes - Bro Steve Gary


9/24/17 PM  The Effects of Evolution - Bro Kent Hovind


9/24/17 AM  Loyalty - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/20/17 Wed  Money - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/17/17 PM  Evolution - Bro Kent Hovind


9/17/17 AM  Death - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/13/17 Wed  Let the Holy Spirit Control You - Bro Steve Gary


9/10/17 PM  The Dangers of Evolution - Bro Kent Hovind


9/10/17 AM  The Cross - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/6/17 Wed  Trust in the Lord and Do Good - Bro Steve Gary


9/3/17 PM  He That Soweth Discord Among the Brethren - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/3/17 AM  The Struggle to be Humble - Bro Bob Bejeski


8/30/17 Wed  You Can't Be Content Unless You're Thankful - Bro Bob Bejeski


8/27/17 PM  The Fruit of the Spirit Part 2 - Bro Steve Gary


8/27/17 AM  The Sheep and the Goats - Bro Joe Slebodnik


8/23/17 Wed  Is There Order in Your Life? - Bro Joe Slebodnik


8/20/17 PM  The Fruits of the Spirit vs The Fruit of the Flesh


8/16/17 Wed  Alt Right Vs God's Right - Bro Bob Bejeski


8/13/17 PM  Don't Get Hooked - Bro Joe Slebodnik


8/13/17/AM  Spiritual Body Building  - Part 2


8/9/17 Wed  Miracles - Br Joe Slebodnik


8/6/17 PM  Spiritual Body Building - Bro Bob Bejeski


8/6/17 AM  Don't Be Weary in Well Doing - Bro Joe Slebodnik


8/2/17 Wed  What We Can Do with What We Have - Bro Joe Slebodnik