Audio Sermons


7/21/19 PM  From the Parchment of Prophecy to the Pavement of Reality - Pastor Bloem 


7/21/19 AM  And It Came to Pass - You Only Have One Life That Will Soon Be Past - Pastor Bloem


7/17/19 Wed  A Profile of a Perfect Heart - Pastor Bloem


7/14/19 PM  Your Rejoicing Responses to This Day of Grace - Part 2 - Pastor Bloem 


7/14/19 AM  Your Rejoicing Responses to This Day of Grace - Pastor Bloem


7/10/19 Wed  Heed the Warnings - Pastor Bloem


7/7/19 PM  Prophetic Preaching in the Bible - Pastor Bloem


7/7/19 AM  An Antidote to Fear in Your Faith Walk - Part 3 - Pastor Bloem


6/30/19 PM  An Antidote to Fear in Your Faith Walk - Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


6/30/19 AM  An Antidote to Fear in Your Faith Walk - Pastor Bloem


6/26/19 Wed  Civil War - Bob Bejeski


6/23/19 PM  The Warrior Mentality - Death Before Dishonor - Evangelist Lou Diphillipantonio 


6/23/19 AM  God Loves Me Just Because - Evangelist Lou Diphillipantonio


6/19/19 Wed  Faithfulness - Steve Gary


6/16/19 PM  Will You Answer the Call - Garry Tingson  


6/16/19 AM  How Much More? - Garry Tingson (Missionary to Austrailia)


6/12/19 Wed. What I Have Learned in the Last 40 Years- Deacon Joe Slebodnik 


 6/9/19 PM Hoist Your Sails (Part Two) - Pastor Bloem


6/9/19 AM Hoist Your Sails (Part One) - Pastor Bloem


6/5/19 Wed  Be Faithful in a Real Flock, Not in a Hireling Corporation - Pastor Bloem 


6/2/19 PM  God's Lay-away Plan Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


6/2/19 AM  Getting on God's Lay-away Plan - Pastor Bloem


5/29/19 Wed What it Takes For You To Have Victories for Your Army - Pastor Bloem


5/26/19 AM The Antidote to Your Snake Bite - Pastor Bloem 


5/22/19 Wed  Moab is My Wash Pot - Pastor Bloem


5/19/19 PM  Beloved, Let Us Love One Another - Pastor Bloem


5/19/19 AM  God Invites You to His Great Gospel Supper - Pastor Bloem


5/15/19 Wed  5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer in the Lord's Army Part  1

5/15/19 Wed  5 Reasons Why You Should Volubnteer Part 2


5/12/19 PM  It Takes the Breaking of Your Clay Pot to Win the Victory - Pastor Bloem


5/12/19 AM  The Gospel Humbles Your Pride - Pastor Bloem


5/8/19 Wed  What it Takes to Win Victories in Your Mortal Body - Pastor Bloem


5/5/189 PM  Happiness is in the Haps But Joy is in Jesus - Pastor Bloem 


5/5/19 AM  A Campaign Promise that You Can Count On - Pastor Bloem


5/1/19 Wed  Moab is My Washpot - Pastor Bloem


4/28/19 PM  Fiery Trials in Your Life Part 3  - Pastor Bloem 


4/28/19 AM  You Should Call Him Your Lord and Your God - Pastor Bloem


4/24/19 Wed  Calling to Cure By Being a Peace Maker - Pastor Bloem


4/21/19 PM  Trust in the Lord, Even When it Hurts - Josh Aarons 


4/21/19 AM  Good Friday Gobblety Gook - Pastor Bloem


4/17/19 Wed  The Fiery Trials in Your Life Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


4/14/19 PM  The Set Time "The Who and the When of It" - Pastor Bloem


4/14/19 AM The Set Time "The Where of it" - Pastor Bloem


4/10/19 Wed  Fiery Trials in Your Life - Pastor Bloem


4/7/19 PM  The evening service is not available due to a technical glitch.  


4/7/19 AM  There Shall Be Showers of Blessing - Pastor Bloem


4/3/19  Wed  Suffering For Your Obedience - Pastor Bloem


3/31/19 PM  Let's Have a Re-Bible Revival Part 2 - Pastor Bloem 


3/31/19 AM  Let's Have a Re-Bible Revival - Pastor Bloem


3/27/19 Wed  Five More Areas to Obey with Incentives - Pastor Bloem


3/24/19 PM  Make Use of Your Great High Priest - Pastor Bloem


3/24/19 AM  Go From Gazing Time to Going Time - Pastor Bloem


3/20/19 Wed  Submit Yourselves to the Rules of Man - Pastor Bloem


3/17/19 PM  Be Kind to Everyone Because Everyone is Having a Hard Time - Pastor Bloem


3/17/19 AM  You Are Saved to be an Overcomer - Pastor Bloem


3/13/19 Wed  Keep Your Eyes on Israel and the Middle East - Pastor Bloem 


3/10/19 PM  A Prescription of Peace For You - Pastor Bloem


3/10/19 AM  Stay With It Until Success Comes Your Way - Pastor Bloem


3/6/19 Wed  Your 8 Commandments to Obey - Pastor Bloem


3/3/19 PM  Hope For You Who Need It - Pastor Bloem


3/3/19 AM  Lessons For Your Life From a Model Witness - Pastor Bloem