Audio Sermons




9/24/17 PM  The Effects of Evolution - Bro Kent Hovind


9/24/17 AM  Loyalty - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/20/17 Wed  Money - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/17/17 PM  Evolution - Bro Kent Hovind


9/17/17 AM  Death - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/13/17 Wed  Let the Holy Spirit Control You - Bro Steve Gary


9/10/17 PM  The Dangers of Evolution - Bro Kent Hovind


9/10/17 AM  The Cross - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/6/17 Wed  Trust in the Lord and Do Good - Bro Steve Gary


9/3/17 PM  He That Soweth Discord Among the Brethren - Bro Joe Slebodnik


9/3/17 AM  The Struggle to be Humble - Bro Bob Bejeski


8/30/17 Wed  You Can't Be Content Unless You're Thankful - Bro Bob Bejeski


8/27/17 PM  The Fruit of the Spirit Part 2 - Bro Steve Gary


8/27/17 AM  The Sheep and the Goats - Bro Joe Slebodnik


8/23/17 Wed  Is There Order in Your Life? - Bro Joe Slebodnik


8/20/17 PM  The Fruits of the Spirit vs The Fruit of the Flesh


8/16/17 Wed  Alt Right Vs God's Right - Bro Bob Bejeski


8/13/17 PM  Don't Get Hooked - Bro Joe Slebodnik


8/13/17/AM  Spiritual Body Building  - Part 2


8/9/17 Wed  Miracles - Br Joe Slebodnik


8/6/17 PM  Spiritual Body Building - Bro Bob Bejeski


8/6/17 AM  Don't Be Weary in Well Doing - Bro Joe Slebodnik


8/2/17 Wed  What We Can Do with What We Have - Bro Joe Slebodnik


7/30/17 AM  Things Aren't Always as They Seem - Bro Joe Slebodnik                                      


7/26/17 Web  The Struggle with Being Content - Bro Bob Bejeski


7/23/17 PM  How to Endure - Bro Joe Slebodnik


7/23/17 AM  The Ball and Chain of Sin - Bro Bob Bejeski


7/19/17 Wed  Addictions - Bro Joe Slebodnik


7/16/17 PM  I'm On the Winning Side - Bro Rich Wilkerson


7/16/17 AM  Serve the Lord With Gladness - Bro Rich Wilkerson


7/12/17 Wed   **Due to Technical Difficulties, The Message Was Not Recorded**


7/11/17 PM  Live For God Today - Dr Jorgensen


7/9/17 PM  Stand Still and See - Bro Rich Wilkerson 


7/9/17 AM  Why All the Adversity? - Bro Rich Wilkerson


7/5/17 Wed  Heaven's Declaration of Independence - Bro Bob Bejeski


7/2/17 PM  Who Are Your Heroes? - Bro Joe Slebodnik 


 7/2/17 AM  Jealousy:  Human and Divine - Bro Joe Slebodnik


6/28/17 Wed  For Love of Country - Bro Bob Bejeski


6/25/17 PM  Don't Waste Your Weaknesses - Bro Steve Gary


6/25/17 AM  Forever is Forever - Bro Bob Bejeski


6/21/17 Wed  Following the Man of God - Bro Bobby Hiller


6/18/17 PM  Fake News - Bro Bob Bejeski


6/18/17 AM  What To Do When Discouraged - Bro Steve Gary


6/14/17 Wed  Encouragement  Bro Joe Slebodnik


6/11/17 PM  Get Your Well Done - Bro Bob Bejeski


6/11/17 AM  Worship - Bro Joe Slebodnik


6/7/17 Wed  Don't Be a Spiritual Lone Ranger  - Bro Joe Slebodnik


6/4/17 PM  Why I Believe in Global Warming - Bro Bob Bejeski


6/4/17 AM Get Clean and Stay Clean in 2017 - Bro Joe Slebodnik


 5/31/17 Wed  Wisdom- Bro. Steve Gary


5/28/17 AM  This Matter of Having Excellece - Bro Bob Bejeski


5/24/17 Wed  What's On Your Tombstone? - Bro Steve Gary


5/21/17 PM  Just Do It! - Bob Bejeski


5/21/17 AM  Jesus Saves - Bro Joe Slebodnik


5/17/17 Wed  What is Your Spiritual Altitude? - Bro Joe Slebodnik


5/14/17 PM  Honor Thy Mother - Bro Steve Gary


5/14/17 AM  A Glimpse of Heaven - Bro Joe Slebodnik


5/10/17 Wed  The King James Bible - Bro Bob Bejeski


5/7/17 PM  Simplify - Bro Joe Slebodnik


5/7/17 AM  This Matter of Finishing What You Start - Part 1 - Bro Bob Bejeski

5/7/17 AM  This Matter of Finishing What You Start - Part 2 


5/3/17 Wed  The Ten Principles of R.U. - Bro Steve Gary


4/30/17 PM  The Prophecy Fundamentals - Bro Bob Bejeski


4/30/17 AM  The Great White Throne Judgment - Bro Steve Gary


4/26/17 Wed  What the Lord Hates - Bro Joe Slebodnik


4/23/17 PM  The First 100 Days - Bro Bob Bejeski


4/23/17 AM  You Are God's Hands - Bro Joe Slebodnik


4/19/17 Wed  Deny Yourself - Bro Steve Gary


4/16/17 PM  Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work - Bro Joe Slebodnik


4/16/17 AM  Be Your Family's Joseph - Bro Bob Bejeski


4/9/17 PM  Don't Be Your Family's Achan - Bro Bob Bejeski


4/9/17 AM  Great Character Traits - Bro Steve Gary 


4/5/17 Wed  Pass the Test - Bro Joe Slebodnik


4/2/17 PM  The Power of Prayer and the Hindrances Part 1 -  Bro Steve Gary

                   The Power of Prayer and the Hindrances Part 2


4/2/17 AM  God's Message to His People Under Captivity Part 1 - Bro Bob Bejeski

                   God's Message to His People Under Captivity Part 2


3/29/17 Wed  Great Peace Have They - Joe Slebodnik


3/26/17 PM  What's In Your Tank? - Joe Slebodnik


3/26/17 AM  Kids Can't Handle the Weight


3/22/17 Wed  Obey God or Government? - Bro Bob Bejeski


3/19/17 PM  Be An Encouragement - Bro Steve Gary


3/19/17 AM  Why I Go Soul Winning - Bro Joe Slebodnik 

(forgot to hit record - incomplete message)


3/12/17 PM  Why Right is Right Part 2 - Bro Bob Bejeski


3/12/17 AM  Come to the Well - Bro Eric Zukowski


3/8/17 Wed  Your Reasonable Service - Bro Steve Gary


3/5/17 PM  My Testimony & Three Standards - Bro Joe Slebodnik


3/5/17 AM  Why Right is Right - Bro Bob Bejeski


3/1/17 Wed  Faith is the Victory - Bro Steve Gary