Audio Sermons





9/23/18 PM  Building and Winning Involves Overcoming Evil - Pastor Bloem


9/23/18 AM  Free at Last! Free at Last! - Pastor Bloem 


9/19/18 Wed  Consequences of Your Lack of Separation Part 4 - Pastor Bloem


9/16/18 PM  A Band of Men to Bring It  Part 2 - Pastor Bloem 


9/16/18 AM  A Band of Men to Bring It - Pastor Bloem


9/12/18 Wed  Consequences of Your Lack of Separation Part 3 - Pastor Bloem


9/9/18 PM  The Struggle Within You - Pastor Bloem


9/9/18 AM  The Yoke Causing You to Be Part of this Building and Winning Team in 2019


9/5/18 Wed Consequences of Your Lack of Separation Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


9/2/18 AM  Building and Winning on God's Team in 2019 - Pastor Bloem


8/29/18 Wed  Consequences of Your Lack of Separation - Pastor Bloem


8/26/18 PM  The Road to Revival - Pastor Bloem


8/26/18 AM  To Hell and Back - Pastor Bloem


8/22/18 Wed  Give Me That Old Time Religion - Pastor Bloem


8/19/18 PM  The Lord is My Shepherd - Steve Gary 


8/19/18 AM  Stand Still - Pastor Eric Zukowski


8/15/18 Wed  Let Your Light Shine - Joe Slebodnik


8/12/18 PM The Ball and Chain of Sin - Bob Bejeski 


8/12/18 AM  A Life for Christ - Pastor Eric Zukowski


8/8/18 Wed  Greed Part 1 - Steve Gary

                     Greed Part 2


8/5/18 Being in the Way the Lord Led Me - Pastor Bloem


8/5/18 AM  The Cure for the Weary Mind - Pastor Bloem


8/1/18 Wed  Can the Lord Entrust You With Spiritual Leadership? - Pastor Bloem


7/29/18 PM  Reviving Your Hope in the Lord - Pastor Bloem


7/29/18 AM  You Need a Burden to Build - Pastor Bloem


7/25/18 Wed  Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God - Bob Bejeski


7/22/18 PM  The Road to Revival - Pastor Bloem


7/22/18 AM  Learning to Lean in 2018 - Pastor Bloem


7/18/18  Wed  WD40 - Joe Slebodnik


7/15/18 PM  Serve the Lord Sincerely - Pastor Bloem


7/15/18 AM Have You Been Warned to Flee From Everlasting Fire? - Pastor Bloem


7/11/18 Wed  Unpacking teh Prewrath Rapture - Pastor Bloem


7/8/18 PM  Strength For Success in Your Struggles - Pastor Bloem


7/8/18 AM  This is A Day of Good Tidings - Pastor Bloem 


7/4/18 Wed  We Had a Picnic With Preaching But if Was Not Recorded


7/1/18 PM   Don't Settle in Haran - Pastor Bloem


7/1/18 AM  Stop Being a Hard-Hearted Horse Head! - Pastor Bloem


6/27/18 Wed  Your Road to Recovery - Pastor Bloem


6/24/18 PM  Lend Me a Hand! - Pastor Bloem


6/24/18 AM  Samson's Hair of Separation Began to Grow Again - Pastor Bloem


6/20/18 Wed  Words of Encouragement for the Remnant - Pastor Bloem 


6/17/18 PM  Decide to Deal Biblically with Injustice in Your Life Part 3 


6/17/18 AM  Get a Good Addiction - Pastor Bloem


6/13/18 Wed  Free at Last! Free at Last!  Thank God Almighty I'm Free at Last! - Pastor Bloem


6/10/18 PM  Decide to Deal Biblically with Injustice - The Root of It - Part 2 - Pastor Bloem 


6/10/18 AM  Decide to Deal Biblically with Injustice in Your Life - Pastor Bloem


6/6/18 Wed  How You May Continue to be the Lord's Fruitful Friends - Pastor Bloem


6/3/18 PM  Gut it Out Till God Gets You Out - Pastor Bloem


6/3/18 AM  Jesus the Friend of Sinners You Need - Pastor Bloem


5/30/18 Wed  Message Not Recorded Due to Technical Difficulties


5/27/18 AM  Keep These Things in Memory This Memorial Day - Pastor Bloem



5/23/18 Wed  Abide and Bear Fruit - Pastor Bloem 


5/20/18 PM  Don't Have a Dissatisfied Spirit - Pastor Bloem


5/20/18 AM  Behold the Plan of Salvation - Pastor Bloem


5/16/18 Wed  How You Abide in the Vine - Pastor Bloem


5/13/18 PM  The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World - Pastor Bloem


5/13/18 AM  Christ Causes You to Overcome - Pastor Bloem 


5/9/18 Wed  Progressing in the Building of the House of God - Pasot Bloem


5/6/18 PM  Use Your Faith to Reason Away Your Paralyzing Fears - Pastor Bloem 


5/6/18  AM  Leaving Your Water Pot  - Pastor Bloem 


5/2/18 Wed  Bible Promises About God Giving You Fruit - Pastor Bloem




4/29/18 AM Beholding and Touching the Wounds of the Risen Christ - Pastor Bloem


4/25/18 Wed  The Testimony of Bobby Hiller 


4/22/18 PM  Backsliding in Your Life - Pastor Bloem


4/22/18 AM  Why You Have the Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ - Pastor Bloem


4/18/18 Wed  Possible Prophetic Play Out in the Middle East - Advancing the Timeline of Christ's Coming - Pastor Bloem


4/15/18 PM  Is There Not a Cause? - Pastor Bloem


4/15/18 AM  Thou Broughtest Us Out Into a Wealthy Place - Pastor Bloem


4/11/18 Wed  Counsel to You That Are Chosen - Pastor Bloem 


4/8/18 PM  Your Call to Revival - Pastor Bloem


4/8/18 AM  Less About the Bunny, More About the Lamb - Pastor Bloem


4/4/18 Wed  Look at Your Life as a Relay Race - Pastor Bloem 


4/1/18 PM  Fertilize Your Fruit Trees  Pastor Bloem 


4/1/18 AM  Jesus IS the Ressurrection and the Life  Part 1- Pastor Bloem  (Fast forward to Message)

4/1/18 AM  Jesus IS the Resurrection anf the Life Past 2