Audio Sermons



12/7/22 Wed  Standards - Joe Slebodnik


12/4/22 PM  So What Continues?  - Bob Bejeski


12/4/22 AM  Don't Panic, He's In Your Boat"   Pastor Eric Zukowski


11/30/22 Wed  The Rest of the Story - Joe Slebodnik 


11/27/22 PM  Take Advantage of Your Opportunities 


11/27/22 AM  How Long, O Lord?


11/23/22 Wed How to Celebrate Your Passover Feast


11/20/22 PM  He Maketh Me To Lie Down in Green Pastures


11/20/22 AM  The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength


11/16/22 Wed  The Church Should Be Your Support Group


11/13/22 PM  When the Lord Turns Your Captivity Part 2

11/13/22 AM  When the Lord Turns Your Captivity Part 1


11/9/22 Wed    Are You Staying Sensitive to the Lord's Will?


11/6/22 PM  Do Your Part - Bro. Lou Diphilipantonio 


11/6/22 AM  The Good Samaritan - Bro Lou Diphilipantonio


11/2/22 Wed  What's Your One Thing? 


10/30/22 PM  R.E.A.D. 


10/30/22 AM  Good Things For You 


10/26/22 Wed Divine Messages for You


10/23/22 PM  The Ethiopian Encounter - Missionary Gibert Tenorio


10/23/22 AM  Don't Lose Your Vision - Missionary Gilbert Tenorio


10/23/22 Missionary Testimony


10/19/22 Wed  Why Politics? Why Prayer? - Bob Bejeski


10/16/22 PM  Don't Be the Clog in the Pipe of Revival 


10/16/22 AM  Curable, Yet Why Not Cured?


10/9/22 PM  Deacons That Serve Grow A Church


10/9/22 AM  Your Savior Spurs You On To Speak Up


10/5/22 Wed  The Glory of God  - Joe Slebonik


10/2/22 PM  Because You Are Risen With Christ


10/2/22 AM Wanted Dead or Alive Part 2


10/2/22 AM  Wanted Dead or Alive - Part 1 


(Due to Technical Difficulties, This Morning's Message Was Not Recorded 

Please enjoy these classic messages, Wanted Dead or Alive)


9/28/22 Wed  How Do You Eat an Elephant?


9/25/22 PM  Prove God's Promise By Bringing All Your Tithes


9/25/22 AM  You'll Not Overthrow God's Flow (This message was cut off in the middle)


9/21/22 Wed  Don't Run From the Presence of the Lord 


9/18/22 PM  Where Are the Elijah's of God ?


9/18/22 AM  What Came Out of Your Savior's SIde? 


9/14/22 Wed Your Praying for Revival 


9/11/22 PM  God's Ways For Your Winning


9/11/22 AM  Christ -Your Greatest Goal


9/7/22 Wed Your Bapticostal Prayer Challenge


9/4/22 PM  Don't Let Your Failures Be Prayer Failures 


9/4/22 AM  Rejoice Not in This, But Rejoice in That


8/31/22 Wed  Read the Fine Print - Bob Bejeski


8/28/22 PM  The Good Samaritan - Steve Gary


8/28/22 AM  Healed as You Go - Pastor Zukowski


8/24/22 Wed  Replace Your Stinking Thinking 


8/21/22 PM  Christ Will Build His Church


8/21/22 AM  He Restoreth My Soul


8/17/22 Wed  What Happens When God Visits You - Part 2 


8/14/22 PM  What Happens When God Visits You


8/14/22 AM  Let Down Your Nets


8/10/22 Wed  God Did It Then, He Can Do It Again 


8/7/22 PM  Let Us Rise Up & Build


8/1/22 AM  You Should Be WInning and Winning and Winning 


8/3/22 Wed  How You May Fly Above the Clouds


7/31/22 PM  You Should Have Grace 


7/31/22 AM  You Are Standing Between the Living and the Dead


7/27/22 Wed  You Reap What You Sow  - Pastor Bobbie Hiller


7/24/22 PM  Let's Pursue Christ's Great Commision


7/24/22 AM  It's Time to Trim Their Tree


7/20/22 Wed  The Excellency of the Knowlege of Jesus Christ My Lord 


7/17/22 PM  Alexander the Coppersmith Will Do You Much Evil


7/17/22 AM  You Can Move Mountains By Faith


7/13/22 Wed  Patience is Your Big Play 


7/10/22 PM  Glory in the Church


7/10/22 AM  How You Should Celebrate Your Passover Lamb


7/6/22 Wed  Take a Stand For America


7/3/22 AM  Who Or What Are You Looking At? 


6/29/22 Wed  The Lord is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want


6/26/22 PM  What Jesus Has Done For You Part 2


6/26/22 AM  What Jesus Has Done For You


6/22/22 Wed Be Patient For His Intervention


6/19/22 PM  The Traits That Show You Are One of God's Chosen Children Part 3


6/19/22 AM  Your SIn is Against Love, Not Law


6/15/22 Wed  He Must Increase, I Must Decrease - Dr Fisher (VP Commonwealth Baptist College) 


6/12/22 PM  The Traits That Show You Are One of God's Children Part 2 


6/12/22 AM  The Traits That Show You Are One of God's Children 


6/8/22 Wed  Motivation For Your Ministry  Part 5 


6/5/22 PM  Motivation For Your Ministry Part 4


6/5/22 AM  God's Glory Filling God's House


6/1/22 Wed  Motivation For Your Ministry Part 3