The Testimony of Dave Kresge





Years back I was a hopeless drunk & dope user.  Among my friends were murderers & pushers.  I seemed to be drawn to them.  Misery loves company and one by one my friends died off or went to prison.  I could not stay sober.  My mother told me about a preacher that lived down the road, I was desperate, so I went down and knocked on his door; an angel answered.  I talked with that preacher and prayed with him to be saved.  Here is where it gets strange.  I was raised to take pain and not to cry but there I was blubbering like a baby.  It was like something broke inside me.  It has been 33 years since that day and I am still sober.  I am saved!  Life has not been easy but it has been worth it.  Just knowing someone loved me so much that he would allow himself to be ridiculed, beaten, spit on and nailed to a cross for me, to pay for MY wicked sins, is just incredible!  The old me is dead! Praise the Lord!  I almost forgot: the angel that answered the door that day, well she is my wife and I'm nuts about her!