Daily Devotional
Manna In the Morning: Deuteronomy 21-22
Noon: Psalm 90
Evening Meal: Acts 14
     In Deut. 22:5 is a verse that helps put the distinction between the sexes. God created them male and female in the garden of Eden. The God of the Bible wants that distinction maintained.  Thus,  much of the terrible confusion between genders relates back to verse 5 and the failure of parents to model and mandate male – female distinctiveness in dress. Our ancestors from the founding of America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries kept this biblical distinction in male-female dress standards. Not until the 20th century, following the bad example of Hollywood and a Hollywood star, Marlena Dietrich, did there enter a wide spread adoption of the violation of the Divine standard laid down in Deut. 22:5. That woman, Dietrich, walked down a street in Paris, France wearing a garment that was recognized at the time as that of men only. She wore “breeches” or “britches,” otherwise known as pants. At that time,  she broke the law in Paris, and was written up in the news paper for doing it. Her photo in that scandalous outfit was widely circulated. The twentieth century became the time when women, wives, and mothers began to widely model this straying in their attire from the standard of Deut. 22:5. The result in the twenty first century is widespread gender identity confusion. 
     The Bible, right in this same chapter, alludes to the garment that “pertains” distinctively to the woman. In speaking about a man committing unlawful physical relations with a woman, it says, “A man shall not…discover his father’s skirt.” A wife is here spoken as a man’s “skirt.” The dress that is distinctively that of the female gender is that of a skirt or dress. 
     In defining a man’s distinctive garment, the Bible says of the sons of Aaron, “And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness…” Webster’s Dictionary will tell you that Breeches are britches and britches are pants. Nowhere in all of the King James Bible will you ever find these garments worn by women. 
     Likewise, long hair in I Cor. 11:15 and Rev. 9:8, are distinctively the order for women, while short hair is, as I Cor. 11 clearly teaches, the domain of men only. 
     It takes a movement of the Holy Spirit to get believers back to the old time standards of God’s word. But it benefits the culture around such revived believers in helping that culture learn from these believers to  steer away from the ship wreck of gender confusion and a homosexuality! When God’s people get right with their God and have a rebible revival, they will get back to Jeremiah 6:16. Read it and dare to be different, that is holy!
-Pastor Randy Bloem



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Ruth Meets Boaz

Ruth 2:1-23

  1. Who was the kinsman of Naomi that Ruth came to meet? (2:1)
  2. What did Ruth find in the eyes of Boaz? (2:2, 10)
  3. Who was Ruth actually trusting for her needs? (2:11-12)
  4. He "hath not left off his ______ to the living and to the dead. (2:20)